The Women Media Centre’s mission is multidimensional

  •  To provide a professional environment and to increase women’s participation in the mainstream media through training, research, and education. 
  • To improve women’s status by means of promoting socially conscious programs on social media through vlogs and blogs, television, radio, videos, and short documentaries.
  • To raise awareness of civic issues from the perspective of Pakistani women
  • Work with Pakistani Universities, Mass Communication departments on the practical platforms for aspiring women journalists in the shape of training programs, development  of syllabuses, and new courses encompassing technical areas of mass communication with the objective to develop women journalists across the country. 
  • Provide media training to empower women in journalism, promote media freedom, and to address the entry barriers confronted by women journalists to create gender quality  in media. 
  • Networking in its own database with the institutions involved in promoting awareness and media freedom in order to provide a gateway to the media industry for empowering media women of Pakistan in particular and South Asia in general to address the issues like scarcity of women journalists and services.