About Us

The Women Media Center was established in 2005. The CEO and Founder of WMC Fauzia Shaheen always had the dream of creating a safe and learning platform for women journalists and media students. She had earlier worked for the renowned print media organization “Jang” newspaper and won several awards for her services in the community of journalism. She was well aware of the challenges that women journalists face in the field and at the work desk. She started her own news magazine in the name of DASTAK in the year 1996.   

Since 2005, Women Media Center (WMC) has pioneered media training programs, to empower and promote women journalists and media students with a primary  mission promote to gender equality in media and through media since we believe women have the prowess and sensitivity to pursue journalism for the betterment of the society. During the last 17 years, we have conducted a large number of thematic media training programs in major cities of all four provinces and trained more than 4000 young women journalists and media students across the country that are now a part of news media working as full-time, professional journalists in reputed media
organizations at challenging positions.

We have a long and successful history of overseeing donor-funded projects. WMC has been working with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED-USA) since its inception. The organization has been supported by the UNDP, and TDEA, as well as by UNESCO/IPDC, US Consulate Karachi, FNF (Germany), and many other international organizations. We have a national outreach in terms of public awareness, capacity building, and policy advocacy initiatives. Until now, it has implemented projects and/or activities in all parts of the country, from Baluchistan to Gilgit-Baltistan. WMC has extensive experiences in holding capacity-building ten and five-day-long media training courses, and workshops, organizing awareness campaigns, implementing advocacy initiatives, monitoring government and media performance, and managing networks of civil society activists. Also, because WMC concentrates only on women journalists, it is easier for us as compared to traditional NGOs, to be more focused and dedicated to meaningful change.   

WMC has grown, progressed, and developed on significant levels over the years acquiring various international collaborations. We continue to aspire to women in our society and empower them to make their contributions vocal and prominent.